The Printer

This configuration includes the Block™, a Thermal Printer, a Label Design application, 500 4" x 6" RFID labels, a ribbon for the printer and a head cleaning brush for the print head.

Designed for the small to intermediate supplier that produces 10 or more RFID labels on a consistent basis, this package integrates the production of your standard MSL label and the RFID passive tags required under the DOD mandate.

The Printer is a 3-D Marketing RF-11 high quality Industrial Tabletop Thermal/Thermal Transfer device.  It is manufactured for 3-D under an OEM agreement with Toshiba TEC and extends the tradition of technical innovation of the TOSHIBA TEC high-class industrial printers. You may substitute the RF-22 (306 dpi) for an additional $650.00.

The label design software is MilPac's integrated application for the Block™ and Printer.  It enables users to program RFID smart labels as it prints a standard DOD label. The simple user interface allows the RFID data that is printed on top of the label to be programmed to the RF tag.


To use this solution you need only open the label design application, select the template for the label you want to produce (MSL, Box, Address...) fill in the variable information and print.  The printer will encode a valid RFID tag with the data you sent and on successfully completing that function it will print the label.  At that point you can remove the label and use the Block™ to validate the RFID tag information and paste it directly into the ASN form on the WAWF web site or any alternative location.

Our Price: $2,995.00

Name Price
Roll of 500 4” x 6” RFID Labels $100.00
Toshiba Tec Thermal Transfer Ribbon $45.00
Head Cleaning Pen $3.00