The Block

3-D Marketing's RFID Block™, software and 200 4"x2" RFID passive tag labels.

This product connects directly to your PC via the USB port.  It is powered through the USB connection so only one cable is needed.  The unit measures 4.5" x 4.5" x 2" and weighs just over ˝ pound.  It is easily handled but is designed as a desktop appliance.

The software included is specifically designed for DOD compliance.  The user enters their Cage code and a starting serial number and saves them.  After that it only requires selecting the type of package that the label will be applied to (Pallet, Case or UID).  The tag data is stored in the database and can be later retrieved for pasting or import into the ASN through your WAWF application.

The standard 4" x 2" RFID tag labels can be placed on the packages per Mil Spec 129-P rules if the package is large enough or simply placed on the package under the MSL. In the event a QAR inspector requires validation of tag readability the Block can be set to sensor mode and used to read the tag on the boxes or pallet.  The maximum length for a USB cable in this configuration is 12 feet, so you will need to connect the device to a laptop or nearby PC for easier use.

A Human Interface Device (HID) application is also included with the Block™.  This application allows you to fill in fields as if they were typed from the keyboard by using the reader to decode a tag.  The user has a choice of how the data is presented in the field, with standard hex being the default as that is what the DOD requires when completing an ASN. 


To use this system for DOD compliance the user needs to produce his MSL labels as normal and then use the Block to encode the RFID tag with the required DOD structured value.  The MSL label has a field and bar code called TCN (Transaction Control Number) this field should be associated with the RFID tag value to insure proper completion of the ASN information on WAWF.  A field has been provided on the Block's™ application form for this information.  The best way to enter this value is to scan the bar code into the field using your existing bar code scanner.

Our Price: $445.00

Name Price
Qty. 200 4” x 2” RFID Stock Labels $50.00