RF2400 Board

  • Size of Credit Card
  • Low Power Unit
  • Uses patented Radio Technology
  • Supports Gen2 Tags
  • General Purpose IO Ports
RFID Controller is a low cost implementation of a UHF RFID reader designed specifically for short range application. The Controller has been designed to read, write, and verify EPC Class 1 and Generation 2 tags, is implemented as a single electronics module and requires a separate antenna.
The RF2400 reader is interfaced to the host using an RS232 serial connection. Commands and responses are communicated using packets. The protocol includes commands to configure and status the reader as well as commands to program and read tags. Several LED outputs and an integrated speaker provide user feedback of power, activity and error conditions. A separate optical sensor interface allows to processor to sense presence of tag providing a means to auto interrogate the tag.

Our Price: $250.00